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Digital Business Events – Melbourne – March 2

Faysal Kala
Faysal Kalal – Director, Digital Sales and Service – Optus
Jo Whyte
Jo Whyte – Strategic Marketing & Corporate Affairs – City of Melbourne
Clare Smith
Clare Smith – Director Digital and Customer Marketing – Roadshow

Digital Business – The shifting face of business and marketing

Industry experts – The best in the business. Sharing their experience and insights with peers and colleagues.

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Write SEO Content for Google RankBrain

How do you keep up with Google? It’s a very tricky thing and a complicated aspect of SEO. There are constant algorithm changes, and these changes are more complex each time.

Google RankBrain is a new and very important Google algorithm update. Understanding how this algorithm works will help guide you to create content that is more appealing for the AI that is RankBrain.

Since it was introduced in October 2105, content marketing and SEO agencies have learned more about RankBrain and how it treats content in relation to SEO.

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Universal social media strategy and SEO marketing


Universal social media strategy and leveraging SEO in marketing – By Elena Zuban for the Melbourne SEO Meetup

Elena will demonstrate a basic social media marketing strategy/offer that can be done universally for most niches/clients. She will discuss how to utilise content created for SEO purposes in marketing strategy and how to leverage SEO in marketing and vice versa.

Additionally, she will discuss the differences between SEO and marketing friendly content, website elements and set up. How to find a solution that allows all the digital specialist working on a project to come together and ensure client’s digital assets both SEO friendly and high converting.



Penguin 4.0 Update


Penguin 4.0 Update was released over the weekend. This might be a good thing for you because it might help you recover from a penalty. Since you may have been waiting a long time for Penguin. It’s now part of the core algorithm, so the means it’s now it real-time. So every time your site is crawled and indexed, the Penguin rules will also be applied.

If you notice a change in traffic in your Analytics, it might be an indication of Penguin 4.0. Do clean up spammy links to your site.

Penguin 4.0 a red herring?


Penguin 4.0 Watch! A Google algorithm uptight happened right. We know because the tools are showing this. Also plenty of my colleagues are confirming there has been an update. So it happened, even if Google are playing it down. So was it Penguin? Google is saying NO! So when are we on a red herring here?