Penguin 4.0 Update


Penguin 4.0 Update was released over the weekend. This might be a good thing for you because it might help you recover from a penalty. Since you may have been waiting a long time for Penguin. It’s now part of the core algorithm, so the means it’s now it real-time. So every time your site is crawled and indexed, the Penguin rules will also be applied.

If you notice a change in traffic in your Analytics, it might be an indication of Penguin 4.0. Do clean up spammy links to your site.

Penguin 4.0 a red herring?


Penguin 4.0 Watch! A Google algorithm uptight happened right. We know because the tools are showing this. Also plenty of my colleagues are confirming there has been an update. So it happened, even if Google are playing it down. So was it Penguin? Google is saying NO! So when are we on a red herring here?




Interview: WordPress SEO with Peter Mead

peter-mead-seo-podcastKate Toon chats with Peter Mead about WordPress SEO: why WordPress is a great platform, useful plugins, common pitfalls and essential fixes.
Tune in to learn:
What WordPress is and why it’s awesome
The pros and cons of Yoast
What Yoast does and how to use it
Other great WP plugins
How often should you update WordPress
The best way to handle Google AMP
The importance of resetting your permalinks
Common WordPress mistakes

WordPress SEO with Peter Mead

Big Digital Adelaide 2016 Live Blog

Big Digital Adelaide conference  running from June 7-8, 2016 at The Science Exchange Adelaide.

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Below some highlights and resources form the 2016 event.

Big Digital Adelaide 2016 Live Blog

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Say hello to ‘The Local’ WordPress Theme

‘The Local’ is a terrific local business WordPress theme. It is a modern, professional WordPress theme with all the features you would expect. Instead of wasting time creating your own theme, or modifying a theme, Use ‘The Local’ and your site will be competitive with the best local businesses sites.

The Local

This WordPress Theme helped me triple the leads for a local SEO client.
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