Fresh Link Finder

Link Building using Fresh Link Finder

Link Building using Fresh Link Finder what I match in heaven. Elbow to the wheel, building links, it is time consuming work and I don’t want the process to take any longer by trying to keep track of all the Fresh Links. Enter Fresh Link Finder another great tool by Dejan SEO

In the screenshot you can see it shows a nice graph of the 5 new links I built yesterday, and over the past 10 days the 12 .gov and 4 .edu links I built.

Fresh Link Finder

So Fresh Link Finder is great whitehat SEO tool, that will help you keep track of the newest created backlinks to your site. Each day new links are reported by discovering traffic from new referral sources. This can be done by reading info in the server log file, using Google Analytics data or via a tracking code on your site.

Fresh Link Finder has a free sign up too. It’s kind of fun to see the links coming in and seeing the rewards for your hard Link Building Work.





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