4 SERP Features Your Business Should Take Notice of

SEMrush takes a close look at 4 SERP Features, that are important to a local website performance. See how using them can help a local business, including some practical tips on how to get your local website featured in them.

  1. The Knowledge Graph is a section which is displayed in a separate panel over on the right hand side of a search result.
  2. The Local Pack is an element which includes three relevant local business results, and includes the business’ name, address, phone number and any ratings.
  3. The Featured Snippet or the  “Answer Box” is the box that is displayed above the usual list of results on a SERP, and it contains a short answer, and then a link to the webpage that google acquired the answer from.
  4. The Sitelinks are SERP elements which display hyperlinks to the website subpages, making it a lot easier for the user to click and go to the relevant result. Sitelinks are returned a branded search query.

If you want to be competitive as a website owner you should really note all these SERP changes, spend time analyzing the best way to take advantage of them, and adapt your online strategy to Google’s latest changes. Below in this SEMrush SERPs Infographic you will see how Google has changed the SERP features over the years:


SEMrush took the time to ask a number of professionals to share their expert opinion on which SERP elements that have a big impact for local business rankings and they give their advice for local business owners looking to optimize their websites and get featured in these important SERP Features.

Read the full article about the best 4 SERP Features on the SEMrush.com website.




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