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Penguin 4.0 a red herring?


Penguin 4.0 Watch! A Google algorithm uptight happened right. We know because the tools are showing this. Also plenty of my colleagues are confirming there has been an update. So it happened, even if Google are playing it down. So was it Penguin? Google is saying NO! So when are we on a red herring here?





Big Digital Adelaide 2016 Live Blog

Big Digital Adelaide conference  running from June 7-8, 2016 at The Science Exchange Adelaide.

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Below some highlights and resources form the 2016 event.

Big Digital Adelaide 2016 Live Blog

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Wow – Backlinking Tools Not So Comprehensive

Stone Temple has done a study to measure just how good and comprehensive the backlinks tools are at finding new links coming in.

Here Eric Enge explains the study in this video

Here is a nice Slideshare explaining it further.

Please go to the Stone Temple for the complete study Backlinking Tools May Not Be as Comprehensive as You Think

How To Steal Your Competitor’s Backlinks – Robbie Richards

Robbie Richards gives you the low-down on how to outrank your competitors in the SERPs. Robbie gives a step-by-step guide on how to steal competitor’s backlinks, Google rankings & organic traffic.

Check it out on Robbie Richards website: How To Steal Your Competitor’s Backlinks

Webmaster Guidelines – Search Console Help

Every SEO practitioner should follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Doing so effectively will mean Google can find your site, index it appropriately, and ultimately rank your site with in the SERPs you deserve.

Failing to pay close attention to these guidelines can land your site in some troubled waters, to read more go to: Webmaster Guidelines