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Penguin 4.0 a red herring?


Penguin 4.0 Watch! A Google algorithm uptight happened right. We know because the tools are showing this. Also plenty of my colleagues are confirming there has been an update. So it happened, even if Google are playing it down. So was it Penguin? Google is saying NO! So when are we on a red herring here?





Big Digital Adelaide 2016 Live Blog

Big Digital Adelaide conference  running from June 7-8, 2016 at The Science Exchange Adelaide.

Early Bird Tickets are now Open for Big Digital Adelaide 2017

Below some highlights and resources form the 2016 event.

Big Digital Adelaide 2016 Live Blog

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Webmaster Guidelines – Search Console Help

Every SEO practitioner should follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Doing so effectively will mean Google can find your site, index it appropriately, and ultimately rank your site with in the SERPs you deserve.

Failing to pay close attention to these guidelines can land your site in some troubled waters, to read more go to: Webmaster Guidelines

Why Citation Audits – Loganix

Loganix gives the lowdown on why citation audits are so important. Local SEO is all about quality, rather than quantity. So make sure that you are actually doing quality work.

Folks often battle with Analytics ghost spam, but use Loganix tool for this and you will soon have a clean account.

But the clean up has just begin, since you may not know just how good your NAP consistency is. In fact it could be causing you massive problems.

To keep reading this info on Why Citation Audits

Killer PPC Strategy with With High Value Analytics!

PPC ToolkitGet a killer PPC Strategy with With High Value Analytics, by downloading this great free toolkit download from hanapin marketing.

It is a Free Download: The Complete PPC Analytics Toolkit

You could Rule your PPC Strategy With High Value Analytics!

The Toolkit contains:
– Keyword Research Excel Spreadsheet
– PPC Daily Spend Excel Spreadsheet
– AdWords Competitive Landscape Analysis Excel Spreadsheet
– Whitepaper on Competitive Intelligence
– Whitepaper on the Admin Settings in Google Analytics
– Whitepaper on using Google Analytics for CRO
– Webinar recording on tactics to spy on your PPC competition
– Webinar recording on PPC Analytics

You can Download your copy of The Complete PPC Analytics Toolkit here