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Big Digital Adelaide 2016 Live Blog

Big Digital Adelaide conference  running from June 7-8, 2016 at The Science Exchange Adelaide.

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Below some highlights and resources form the 2016 event.

Big Digital Adelaide 2016 Live Blog

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Paid Traffic PPC Hacks for WordPress – by Peter Mead for BigDigital 2016

If you want Paid Traffic and you use WordPress, here’s a buch of PPC Hacks – This talk was given by Peter Mead at the BigDigital Conference in Adelaide 2016

Neil Patel 7 Ways to Increase Your Form Field Conversion Rate

Neil Patel gives 7 Ways to Increase Your Form Field Conversion

Neil dives into how to generate leads using hight converting lead forms on landing pages.

Then how to nurture the leads which can increase your sales by 50% and lower the lead acquisition costs by 33%.

So how to know if the lead generation form is optimized?

This is another great post so check it out at conversions


ConversionXL 53 Top Conversion Optimization Tools

Here’s a list by ConversionXL of the 53 of the top conversion optimization tools reviewed by experts.
53 Top Conversion Optimization Tools Reviewed by Experts

It is important to choose the right conversion optimization tools. Agencies, consults and startups alike, there is a lot to consider when making your selection.

ConversionXL is often asked for their optinion of a conversion optimization tool. So they decided to put it all together in a list just for us guys. Awww, sweet for us!

Check it out over at ConversionXL 53 Top Conversion Optimization Tools



Killer PPC Strategy with With High Value Analytics!

PPC ToolkitGet a killer PPC Strategy with With High Value Analytics, by downloading this great free toolkit download from hanapin marketing.

It is a Free Download: The Complete PPC Analytics Toolkit

You could Rule your PPC Strategy With High Value Analytics!

The Toolkit contains:
– Keyword Research Excel Spreadsheet
– PPC Daily Spend Excel Spreadsheet
– AdWords Competitive Landscape Analysis Excel Spreadsheet
– Whitepaper on Competitive Intelligence
– Whitepaper on the Admin Settings in Google Analytics
– Whitepaper on using Google Analytics for CRO
– Webinar recording on tactics to spy on your PPC competition
– Webinar recording on PPC Analytics

You can Download your copy of The Complete PPC Analytics Toolkit here